ASP Spell Check Demos - International SpellCheck

Example: Spell Check in French and English simultaneously, with a French Dialog.

Source Code
<!--#include virtual="/ASPSpellCheck/"-->
<textarea name="MyTextArea" id="MyTextArea">
  Hello World. Bonjour la Monde.
	dim myLink
	set myLink = new AspSpellLink
	myLink.dictionary = "Francais, English (International)"
	myLink.dialogLanguage = "fr"	
	response.write myLink.imageButtonHTML("","","") ''Adds a button
	response.write myLink.spellAsYouType() ''Activates "as-you-type" 
	set myLink=nothing

Working with Dictionaries

  • To pick a language - choose it by name using the dictionary property.
    E.g myLink.dictionary = "Svenska"
  • To pick multiple dictionaries simultaneously, use a comma separated list.
    E.g. myLink.dictionary = "Francais, English (Canada)"
  • You must, of course, download and install the appropriate dictionaries first.
  • Dictionary names (e.g. "Francais") match the file-name of the dictionary you have installed. (do not use the ".dic" and the end though).
  • Read the Working With Dictionaries documentation.

Working with Translations

  • To pick a user interface translation - set the dialogLanguage property.
    E.g myLink.dialogLanguage = "fr"
  • Read the Working With Translations documentation.