ASP Spell Check Docs - Getting Started

Installation Basics

In brief, ASPSpellCheck is installed by copying the downloaded directory "ASPSpellCheck" to the root of your website.

  • E.g. /ASPSpellCheck in your website or localhost

Usage Basics

You can add a spell-check link or button to almost any Form Field or HTML element within your application using the ASPSpellLink Class.

Its basic usage is shown below:

<!--#include virtual="/ASPSpellCheck/"-->

<textarea id="MyTextArea" name="MyTextArea" cols="30" rows="10" >
Hello World. Ths iz a tezt sampl.

dim myLink
set myLink = new AspSpellLink
myLink.fields="MyTextArea" ''Sets the Field id(s) to be spell-checked
response.write myLink.imageButtonHTML("","","")
response.write myLink.spellAsYouType() 
set myLink=nothing

Dictionary Basics

You can install additional language dictionaries such as French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese and many Specialized English dictionaries. The dictionaries have the file extension .dic.

To install these dictionaries - first download them from and place them in the "dictionaries" directory within your ASPSpellCheck Directory.