ASP Spell Check Docs - Dictionaries

Free Dictionaries for ASPSpellCheck

You can install free additional language dictionaries to ASPSpellCheck such as:

We also provide free specialist dictionaries such as:

Installing Dictionaries

To install these dictionaries simply place them in the "ASPSpellCheck/dictionaries" directory within your site.

Ensure you have allowed Read permissions for "IUSR_MachineName" or "Everyone".

Setting the Default Dictionary using ASP Code

  • Use the dictionary property to set the default language to spellcheck in
  • Use a comma separated list for multiple simultaneous dictionaries
<!--#include virtual="/ASPSpellCheck/"-->

	dim myLink
	set myLink = new AspSpellLink
	myLink.dictionary = "Francais, English (International)"
	response.write myLink.imageButtonHTML("","","") ''Adds a button
	response.write myLink.spellAsYouType() ''Activates "as-you-type" 
	set myLink=nothing

Adding Words to the Vocabulary

  • Add 1 word per line to /ASPSpellCheck/dictionaries/custom.txt

Removing Words

  • Add 1 word per line to /ASPSpellCheck/dictionaries/language-rules/banned-words.txt

Forcing a Specific Spelling Correction

The Enforced corrections file allows you to force certain words to return specific spell checking results.

This is particularly useful for automatically changing user's usage of inappropriate verbiage - and also to curtail the use of confusing Acronyms.

  • Edit: /ASPSpellCheck/dictionaries/language-rules/enforced-corrections.txt
  • Format: USA--> United States Of America || United States Army

Encoding a Custom Dictionary

Encode your own dictionary from any list of words. Also allows your to repair and modify our .dic dictionary files.

Request a New Dictionary

Contact us and we will try our best to help you encode a dictionary for any language or specialism you request.

Where are words that users "Add To Dictionary" Stored?

Good Question!

By default - all words are stored in the users browser cache - and no-one else is affected.

You can change this using the AddWordsToDictionary property.

  • myLink.AddWordsToDictionary="USER" ' saves locally in the user's browser cache
  • myLink.AddWordsToDictionary="NONE" ' disables the feature and removes the button
  • myLink.AddWordsToDictionary="SERVER" ' saves centrally on your server and affects all other users

To allow "SERVER" edit /ASPSpellCheck/core/settings/default-0settings.asp and set:

SaveToCentralDictionary = true