ASP Spell Check Demos - Spell-As-You-Type

Use the imageButtonHTML, linkHTML or buttonHTML functions to create an button that launches an MS Word™ style spellchecking pop-up window.

Source Code
<!--#include virtual="/ASPSpellCheck/"-->
<textarea name="MyTextArea1" id="MyTextArea1">
  Hello worlb.
<textarea name="MyTextArea2" id="MyTextArea2">
  Hello worlb.
	dim myLink
	set myLink = new AspSpellLink
	myLink.fields="MyTextArea1,MyTextArea2"  ''all would also work
	response.write myLink.imageButtonHTML("","","")  
	response.write myLink.linkHTML("Spell Check Link","") 
	response.write myLink.buttonHTML("Spell Check Button","")  
	set myLink=nothing
  • imageButtonHTML , linkHTML and buttonHTML all render different designs of button
  • fields is used to target any field or fields on the page for spellchecking. You can also use a comma separated list for multiple or groups such as: "all", "textareas", "textinputs", "editors" or ".anyCSSClass"