ASP Spell Check Demos - Targeting Fields

By using myLink.fields intelligently - you can easily select 1 or all textareas/fields on a page.

Source Code
<!--#include virtual="/ASPSpellCheck/"-->
<textarea name="MyTextArea1" id="MyTextArea1">Hello worlb. </textarea>
<textarea name="MyTextArea2" id="MyTextArea2">Hello worlb. </textarea>
<textarea name="MyTextArea3" id="MyTextArea3">Hello worlb. </textarea>
<textarea name="MyTextArea4" id="MyTextArea4">Hello worlb. </textarea>
<textarea name="MyTextArea5" id="MyTextArea5">Hello worlb. </textarea>

	dim myLink
	set myLink = new AspSpellLink
	response.write myLink.imageButtonHTML("","","") ;
	set myLink=nothing

Using the fields property

  • Select 1: myLink.fields="myFieldId"
  • Select Multiple: myLink.fields="myFieldId1,myFieldId2,myFieldId3"
  • Select all viable field on the page: myLink.fields="all"
  • Select all textareas: myLink.fields="textareas"
  • Select all input boxes: myLink.fields="textinputs"
  • Select all Rich HTML Editors: myLink.fields="editors"
  • Select all fields with a given CSS class: myLink.fields=".myCSSClassName"