ASP Spell Check Demos - Form Validation

The formToSubmit property allows you to submit a form when spellchecking (in a dialog window) is complete.

Source Code
<!--#include virtual="/ASPSpellCheck/"-->
<form id='form1' action=''>
 <textarea name="MyTextArea" cols="50" rows="7" id="MyTextArea">
   Hello worlb.
	dim myLink
	set myLink = new AspSpellLink
	myLink.formToSubmit="form1" '' id of the main form	
	response.write myLink.spellAsYouType() 
	response.write myLink.buttonHTML("Spell Check & Submit","") 
	set myLink=nothing
  • The hideSummary property is used to turn off the spell checker's summary screen after spell checking.
  • In more complex cases you may wish to use the JavaScript events model (such as onDialogComplete).